How to bring joy into your home this Summer

When asked about my style in the past I have always tried to hook my designs on to an industry-led trend. However, collating my collections recently, it became clear that I have carved out something new and joyful through my design stories, something I can only define as ‘Florida-Kitsch’.

My Summer designs bring a playful, positive vibe to homes both grand and intimate with colourful collections of hand-drawn home accessories, fabrics and wallpapers. All exquisitely beautiful and marrying traditional illustration with Miami Vice-like colour.

Here’s how to fill your home with joy using my China Dogs collection…

Prints that Pop

If you just want to dip your toe into Florida-Kitsch, opt for one of my artwork prints. They add instant pops of life and interest to a mantle piece, shelf or dresser. Try this China Dogs with palm print, which has become an iconic illustration from the China Dogs collection. Available at just £20.00 and printed on super smooth 280gsm paper stock with a matte finish using specialist archival quality inks.

Embrace the fun

Being playful reminds us to not take life too seriously. Ornate vases framed by proudly standing china dogs and adorned by tropical palms, rich roses and open shells featuring a single pearl - the China Dogs wallpaper collection was inspired by my love of Florida’s flamboyant, arty communities merging new and old.  Adorn your walls with an unexpected colour combination of turquoise and flamingo pink like seen here in this luxury bathroom.

Let the light in

There's nothing more energising and uplifting than the light and warmth of the sun. Open up those blinds and remove heavy, dark curtains replacing them with brightness and position lights around the room to create ambience in the evenings. I love this Emerald Green lampshade.

Cushion crush

Anything in abundance brings joy in an interior. A nifty design hack is adding multiple cushions of the same design to create repetition and impact. My silk cushions definitely do that in Dr Geraldine Tan’s bedroom space.

Shop indie

Finally by shopping with an independent designer, you not only help the economy but you are supporting artists, designers and creatives who have struggled to navigate through a stressful Spring. Our work is often more honest and kinder than mass produced pieces, plus our unique designs can offer the wow-factor to your guests.