So many of you have fallen head-over-heels for my wallpaper designs. My jungle cat design was even voted in the top ten wallpapers of 2020 by reviewers at The Independent. I’m brimming with excitement as I’m currently working on a new Spring/Summer collection which I can’t wait to share with you.

However, when a few customers highlighted that adhesive wallpaper would suit them a little better, I wanted to ensure that my designs work for every home. So, I’ve worked really hard to turn this into a reality and I’m delighted to tell you that there’s a new drop down menu on my website when shopping for wallpapers which now includes ‘self adhesive’ wallpaper.


This peel ‘n stick option works so well for people in rental properties or for those who are keen to change up their interior schemes more regularly. It’s the temporary solution to achieving the wow-factor walls you are drawn to. Think feature walls, zoom backdrops, statement washrooms and a big, bold injection of colour!

Samples are available to order and cost £5. They are 20cm x 20cm and ordering a couple of your favourites and sticking them to your bare wall can really help you pick a favourite. Remember I also offer a mock up service to help you reimagine your space. Just drop me an email and image of your current wall, I’d be happy to help.

How do I know if I need Peel n' Stick or Classic Paste the Wall wallpaper?

Peel n' Stick

  • Peel and stick application method
  • Non committal
  • Can be easily mounted onto any surface but won't leave a residue if you remove it
  • It retains its adhesive properties so that it can be repositioned countless times
  • A unique coating which dries quickly and is water-resistant so the perfect choice for bathrooms
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoor use
  • Great for small walls or project areas
  • Taking down peel-and-stick wallpaper can be done easily and quickly without having to steam or scrape

Classic Paste the Wall

  • Paste to wall allows you to get the paper in the exact position you want it in, giving you a little more wriggle room for wonky edges therefore great if you live in an old home with walls that may not be exactly straight
  • Best for when you're doing a larger job like an entire bedroom or large feature wall
  • Exceptional quality.

For top wallpapering tips, I’ve put together this wallpaper hanging guide.

Catherine xxx