Hand-painted XL Wally Dog Pair - Pearson and Patricia - Baby Blue


Two extremely substantial XL Wally Dogs, hand-painted in a baby blue hue by Catherine. With metallic gold detailing and hand signed on the base. 

These two pups are called Pearson (right facing) and Patricia (left facing) and must be re-homed as a pair!

Patricia's original form has seen some better days - you are able to see her patched up parts and hollow bottom in photos. These damages are reflected in the price. Her structure is not compromised and flaws are barely visible once she is in pride of place!

The dogs measure approximately 33cm high and 22cm at their widest points.

Painted with acrylics and finished with hardy gloss varnish. 

Care: Please don't get Pearson or Patricia wet! If you need to clean her simply dust with a cloth or use a little polish. Keep her out of direct sunlight to prolong her vibrant pink coat.