Majesty the Unicorn Silk Scarf - Available in 2 Sizes - 100% Silk or Vegan Silk - Handmade to Order in London


Complete your look with an exquisite Catherine Rowe Designs oversized silk square scarf.

Available in either a 57cm neckerchief style or a 115cm oversized style and delicately finished with a hand-rolled hem.

Printed and handmade in London in either 100% Silk (Georgette or Satin) or Vegan Silk (Chiffon or Satin).

To minimise our impact on the environment, all scarves are made to order. Please allow 7 days for your silk to be handmade.

100% Silk Georgette

A 100% natural silk fabric, transparent with a gossamer appearance due to its very fine threads. Colours appear bold and beautiful, but ever so slightly more subdued compared to the vegan silk version due to the more delicate printing process on natural silk.

100% Silk Satin

Also a 100% natural silk fabric, this semi-transparent silk is is soft and flowing. The fabric is durable for every day wear with a beautiful satin sheen. Please note that colours on the silk satin are slightly muted compared to other fabrics due to the delicate printing process on natural silk.

Vegan Chiffon Silk

Soft, silky and fine, this poly fabric is sheer and light. Print appears super vibrant and colours rich and vivid. 

Vegan Silk Satin

A soft, delicate yet durable fabric which is perfect for every day wear. Finished with a beautiful sheen. Colours appear vivid, bold and bright.

Designed and made in the UK.

  • 57cm or 115cm Square
  • Available in 100% Silk or Vegan Faux Silk
  • Printed and handmade to order
  • Hand rolled hemmed edge
  • Made in UK


100% Silk Georgette - Dry clean only recommended, but can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

100% Silk Satin - Dry clean only recommended, but can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

Vegan Chiffon Silk - Hand wash only, hang to dry. Low heat iron.

Vegan Silk Satin - Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.