Eco Promise

 Catherine’s Eco Promise

Welcome along to Catherine’s eco promise, a commitment as a business to reduce impact and that of this industry on the environment. One that you can be confident in to ensure the products you receive are designed, priced, manufactured and delivered in the most eco-friendly way - from the start to finish.

Nature at the heart from the start

All of Catherine’s original illustrative drawings are inspired by nature from around the world which captures her childhood memories of West to East. As such, she has a huge passion to help protect natural habitats and continue to discover new ways in which her flourishing business can build on making eco conscious steps towards change.

One tree planted for every product sold 

We're proud to announce as of 2021 we are an official reforestation partner of One Tree Planted. For every order placed, one tree is planted. 

One Tree Planted's projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. 

Primed for protection 

When you truly love something as much as Catherine does nature, you want to protect it rather than cause unnecessary damage. That’s why most of the products available are made to order. This results in minimal wastage but also no holding of masses of stock with needless usage of electricity, heating and transportation. 

Beautifully British 

Every item available online is designed and curated in Catherine's studio in West Sussex. It is made, printed or manufactured with a carefully selected production partner based in London, UK whose sustainability and eco values reflect those of Catherine Rowe Designs. 

Catherine working in her studio in West Sussex

The Wonderful Web

While Catherine is often commissioned privately, all her own collections are launched and marketed online so there’s no printing and distribution of heavy pattern books. Lookbooks and communications are all digital.

Materials and eco inks

All of the paper used is sourced from sustainable forests and responsibly manufactured in small batches at the London production house. When the designs are printed they are done so using water based, non-toxic inks. An eco-friendly print process means no contaminants of any kind enter the water course. If for any reason there are unwanted post-manufacture fabrics and garments, they are safe for recycling, up-cycling or donation to the local clothes bank which is a major tick for Catherine.

The elements and energy

As a business, Catherine Rowe Designs is extremely conscious about how water and power is used as a requirement and how this can be decreased. Processing and production of products are therefore water-free. This is something Catherine is proud of as the many other businesses in the fabric printing industry-wide are forced to use water unnecessarily.

Electricity continues to be the biggest energy requirement for Catherine Rowe Designs and she continues to make eco-switches where possible. Industrial machinery and heat processing is used to produce the vast array of products. However, this is activated in a way that’s super efficient. Machines are powered via timers and consumption diversity is staggered to work within a tolerance bandwidth. The result is that costs are kept lower and consumption is managed so it’s used only when required. 

Products that look and do good

Catherine is committed to creativity that can thrive in a sustainable way, she champions re-wearability too and so where there is waste, it is recycled. In the interest of transparency the brand has three main types of waste, here’s how it’s managed:

  • Paper, cardboard and plastic packaging. Catherine Rowe Designs makes every effort to separate waste from non-recyclables and these items are recycled by the local authority.  

  • Scrap wood and metal from packaging and pallets. These items are collected and recycled by local companies.

  • Fabric offcuts and remnants. Fabric offcuts and remnants are donated to a number of fabric recycling companies in the UK as well as charities, schools, colleges & universities. Where possible the company reuses offcuts and remnants as fillings, linings or trim for other products, meaning very little goes to waste.

By choosing Catherine Rowe Designs, you’re playing a significant part in helping create a sustainable, green future. Thank you so much and the team is here to handle any questions or queries you may have.