Eco Promise

At Catherine Rowe Designs, everything is designed in Catherine's studio in the UK and made with our production partner based in London, UK. 

Catherine working in her studio in West Sussex

The Production team in London

It is important our production partner has strong sustainability & eco values. 

Eco Inks

All inks are water based, non-toxic and disposed of via a local waste management company. Eco-friendly print process means no contaminants of any kind enter the water course. Unwanted post-manufacture fabrics and garments are safe for recycling, up-cycling or donation to the local clothes bank.



There is no water used in our processing, so other than production partner staff requirements and facility cleaning we are almost waterless. This is a big plus in the fabric printing industry where some companies are forced to use lots of water in their processing. We avoid that model completely for good reason.


This is our biggest energy requirement. We use industrial machinery and plenty of heat processing to produce our products. With energy bills on the rise is it no surprise we try to be super efficient. We schedule machines to power up and down on timers and we stagger our consumption diversity so we operate constantly within a known tolerance bandwidth. This forces us to be efficient and keeps our costs lower. Man and machine management is constant to ensure well managed consumption only when required.


We use no gas.

Waste and Recycling

We produce 3 main types of waste:

Paper, cardboard and plastic packaging. We separate from non-recyclables and these items are recycled by our local authority.  

Scrap wood and metal from packaging and pallets. These items are collected and recycled by local companies.

Fabric offcuts and remnants. Fabric offcuts and remnants are donated to a number of fabric recycling companies in the UK as well as charities, schools, colleges & universities. 

Reuse. Where possible we reuse offcuts and remnants as fillings, linings or trim for other products, meaning very little goes to waste.